A New Capsule-based System for
  preparing Microscopy Specimens

  • Efficient. Fewer specimen "touches."
  • Cuts reagent consumption.
  • Tracking ID on every sample.

News from Microscopy Innovations
See mPrep Automated Specimen Processor at M&M 2015
See the mPrep™ System ASP-1000, our award-winning automated specimen processor at M&M 2015 in Portland, Aug 2-6. Recognized by the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening at “Innovation AveNEW,” this remarkable instrument was one of eight entries from around the world to be so honored.
Flexible and modular, the ASP-1000 is capable of fixation, dehydration, embedding, grid-staining and immuno-labeling — all in one instrument. Purpose-built to handle mPrep™ capsules, the system allows users to virtually eliminate specimen handling, reduce reagent consumption significantly, and accurately track samples.
Applications include: TEM, SEM and ADME/tox from tissue and cell culture samples, nano-particles, viruses, bacteria, macromolecules, and drug formulations.

mPrep/s™ Workstation Offers
Quick, Precise Specimen Orientation

Orient specimens quickly and precisely in mPrep/s capsules — without embedding molds or further downstream handling. The new mPrep/s™ Workstation lets users increase efficiency and reduce specimen handling damage.   ...    read more


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